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  • Construction of FEDERAL 40 earphones

    The bullet caliber .40 Smith & Wesson is high-power ammunition used mainly in the USA by the state armed forces. It was designed in 1989 specially for the FBI.

    We used the original .40 S&W ammo shells for the housing of FEDERAL 40 earphones, giving them the unusual look.

  • Amazing sound of FEDERAL 40 earphones

    The use of the highest quality materials and handwork made it possible to obtain incredibly clean sound. The versatile sound is optimally balanced for all music genres. Bass Boost technology enhances low tones.

    The bass is broad and deep, and well controlled. The medium tones are dense and warm, and the high pitch tones are resonant, but not tiring. You can listen for hours.



  • Reviews on FEDERAL 40 earphones

    - They play well, cost little, look insane. - Michael / Los Angeles.

    - A successful purchase. It's unbelievable, but they play like audiophile headphones for a few hundred dollars. - Alex / Nevada.

    - What a bass! What a sound! At this price there are no better earphones on the market. - Charlotte / Toronto.

    - They sound as good as they look! For $25, you get earphones comparable to $200 ones. - Robert / Warsaw.


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