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  • Construction of FEDERAL 40 earphones

    The bullet caliber .40 Smith & Wesson is high-power ammunition used mainly in the USA by the state armed forces. It was designed in 1989 specially for the FBI.

    We used the original .40 S&W ammo shells for the housing of FEDERAL 40 earphones, giving them the unusual look.


  • Reviews on FEDERAL 40 earphones

    - They play well, cost little, look insane. - Michael / Los Angeles.

    - A successful purchase. It's unbelievable, but they play like audiophile headphones for a few hundred dollars. - Alex / Nevada.

    - What a bass! What a sound! At this price there are no better earphones on the market. - Charlotte / Toronto.

    - They sound as good as they look! For $25, you get earphones comparable to $200 ones. - Robert / Warsaw.


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